The night I was born, the moon turned a fire red. My parents said I gazed on life with a look that said, oops, I did it again. I screamed for months, and I couldn’t stand to walk on sand. I was the slowest all-star soccer player who ever lived. I have been offered betelnut by hill tribewomen in the forests of Laos. I have eaten bel puri on Juhu beach and burritos from every restaurant in the Mission. Life on this planet is so utterly interesting. Perhaps the strangest thing of all: I find it makes the most sense when I hold a camera in my hands.
Sure, I’ve taken pictures of clouds and sunsets and urban dirt and and and. I’ve shot in well-equipped studios, out car windows, and from the hip. But what I really love is to take pictures of who we are and how we live. So that makes me a lifestyle/portrait photographer, I guess. I take pix of people, is really what it is. I love to get close. Til, you know, the mask is something other, unheimlich, more than just a mask.
I apprenticed with David Sanger, whose work can be seen here, here and here. I’ve studied with Nevada Weir, Jay Maisel, and I’ve worked with many of my less famous yet equally talented peers. I’ve been on shoots in Europe, North Africa, East and Southeast Asia, and in many parts of the North and South America. I have stock images at Getty and Blend Images. I’m a member of Stock Artists Alliance (SAA) and the Advertising Photographers of America.
My photos can be seen in and on the covers of travel guides, textbooks, magazines, catalogs, brochures, newspapers, etc. across the globe. I’ve also shot weddings, babies, and all the occasions. If they make a greeting card for it, and especially when they don’t, I’m all over it – like the nutritious nutty-flavored husk on brown rice. I’m not just filler. I’m vitamins.
For the next few years I’ll be living in the greater Los Angeles area. So it’s all good, from Diego to the Bay. If you have a life, I’d love to shoot it. The night you were born, the moon turned a fire red.